Sunday, August 26, 2012

Windows 8 Password Security

[Retro-style static boot splash graphic in Windows 8.]
I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview (and some earlier versions as well) into a VM so that I could have a look for changes in password security. After quite a few screenshots etc from CP, I decided to wait for RTM, so that I wouldn't have to an entirely new one if there were major differences. I'm happy I did that. Lets take a look at what we get with Windows 8 in terms of password security.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Preliminary speaking schedule

Just a few links to conferences/events where I will be presenting during the next couple of months:

I will be speaking together with my friend Erlend Dyrnes about "social & mobile (in)security" in Haugesund (Norway) on Thursday, 8 August. Co-located with a subsea conference, this security conference is primarily targeted at companies within the Norwegian/international offshore/subsea operations market. Program and more info here:
I will be speaking at a breakfast seminar held by my employer EVRY in Grenland (Porsgrunn, Norway) on Thursday, 23 August. I will be focusing on mobile security issues here as well, with some legal concerns applicable specifically to Norway to top it off.
On September 3-5 it is once again time for the annual ISF autumn conference (Program info in Norwegian), where I will give my full story on what happened before and after the story appeared *everywhere*
...And I just might also appear at my employers annual EVRY INSIGHT conference in T√łnsberg, September 19-20.
On September 26-27 the beautiful Hotel Alexandra in Loen will be the arena for the annual IT-forum conference. I will do a keynote there, with the conference using "BYOD - chaos or success?" as this years headline.
More to come - and then there's Passwords^12 in December!


And that was the not-so-important news today. Go Curiosity!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Vacation Observations

[Panorama view from mountain top near Puerto De Pollensa, Mallorca)

Ahh... Vacation.. Those days of the year where infosec professionals get some time to glimpse into another parallel world, by some... wifes... referred to as "the real world". Anyway; I like to take a look around, even when I go on vacation. Here's a few security observations made this summer.