Monday, November 04, 2013

PasswordsCon Bergen - practical info

Alrighty, less than a month until PasswordsCon in Bergen, Norway!

Just some quick & practical information for those travelling from far away here:


Most hotels in the city center will represent walking distance (15-30 minutes tops) to our venue.

Recommended hotels (preferred order, based on proximity to city center):

Radisson Blu Hotel Norge (absolute city center)
Clarion Collection Hotel No 13 (absolute city center)
Thon Hotel Bristol Bergen
Rica Travel Hotel Bergen
Grand Hotel Terminus (has one of the best Whisky bars in northern Europe)

I recommend looking them up on, but do check out their prices directly from their home pages, as that just might give you the best price after all, without all the low price restrictions. All these hotels are very close to each other, making it easier to go out during the evening and find your way back home late at night. :-)

Depending on your arrival (saturday or sunday), I'll be able to show you & others around the city, including a visit to the top of 1 or more of the 7 mountains surrounding the city. Prepare for a bit colder and rainier environment than ... well... wherever. :-)