Thursday, January 28, 2010

A password to remember - forever?

As part of my ongoing personal research into passwords, i do see lots of passwords that are bad, satisfactory, good or just incredibly impressive. However, the question "It is so hard to remember my password. What can i do to make it easier to remember?" comes from friends and colleagues from time to time.

Well, of course there's the simple trick of writing it down instead, as I've written before and many before me. In fact it's a recommendation from Bruce Schneier and Jesper Johansson as well (although i don't know if any of them had the original idea for this...).

Once a friend of mine told me that he had now created a password he just could not forget, and it was long and complex. I just had to ask "Ok, so what is it then?". A really high level of trust here, so he told me his password (or passphrase to be exact) was "I have forgotten my password". Impossible to forget. :-)

Today i checked the statistics at Freerainbowtables, one of many sites where I am actively participating. I couldn't help noticing the latest cracked password in the right column, which immediately reminded me about the old password story from my friend. Possibly a bit obscene to some people, so I'll leave it to you for translation from Norwegian to the language of your choice, but there are 2 words to translate, first 5 characters, then the next 4 characters. You can see a screenshot here:

Arguably a password that somebody may never forget as well?

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