Tuesday, March 09, 2010

...and another one from ASIS

ASIS is definitely not a small organization in the global security landscape. As a member, I receive lots of useful information through my membership, and I'm studying for their CPP certification. And now they want to conduct a small survey. Right.

Here's the nice looking HTML mail with external image links I received:

The mail header shows that an external company is being used for the mass distribution of e-mails with links to the survey (No transparent TLS encryption according to RFC3207 there):

And the URL looks like this (partially mangled to protect both ASIS and myself), my use of bold text:

At least no promises about privacy or confidentiality regarding my answers and the results there, it's straight to a list of questions.

Dear ASIS:
Please read my post about a non-secure survey from ISACA, you can find it here. Until the current practice is changed, I will not answer any surveys from you.

Best regards,
Per Thorsheim

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