Wednesday, November 03, 2010

CFP for Passwords^10 has ended

(Click for full size)
Short notification; the public CFP is now closed. Speakers have been notified, we're currently working out the details for the program. Public registration opens up on monday morning 08:00 (Norway/Oslo time). Limited seats available. Free participation including lunch. Wednesday evening we'll meet for the usual fun, including a competition with prizes to be won! (A big thank you to Elcomsoft for sponsoring us with those!)

This will be *COOL*. Passwords & PINs for 2 full days. Elcomsoft. Passware. Oracle. The project. And more!

Hey, we'll even try to make video recordings available afterwards for those unable to attend.

More to come, stay tuned. :-)


  1. Awesome^3: First for the conference, Second for the great comic, and Third for making video recordings available for those of us who are still dealing with passport issues and can't make it ;)

  2. Thanks Matt!

    Again; your view of the NIST standard will be repeated by me. Wish you could make it, so get yourself a passport before we do this again sometime. :-)


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