Thursday, June 16, 2011

Passwords^11 - Thank you all!

Oh boy, that was a *lot* of fun! Yes, I know I wouldn't probably say anything else since I was more or less the sole organizer of the conference, but I've received nothing but very positive feedback. Speakers and participants; all very positive and asking for another round. Here's my own summary of the conference, with some pictures, name dropping and loads of links you can click on. :-)

First of all I will of course say a big thank you to Professor Tor Helleseth at the Selmer Center, part of the University of Bergen, as well as NISNet. Altogether they believed in me, gave me a budget for the conference, let us all use their facilities at the university as well as buying us lunch, coffee and Skillingsboller inbetween. Thank you!

Second I have to thank all the speakers who submitted speaking proposals and/or accepted my invitation to present at the conference. Without Professor Frank Stajano, Simon JosefssonProfessor Kirsi Helkala, Bendik Mjaaland, Erlend Dyrnes, Carsten Maartmann-Moe, James Nobis, Dmitry Sklyarov, and partially Markus Jakobsson & Ruj Akavipat (presented by Frank Stajano), I would have to speak about passwords just a little longer than anybody would be interested in listening. Thank you all!

Third I must say thank you to my friends in our "security think tank" (more formal name & logo to appear sometime in the future...). Great discussions on different security topics, closely and loosely related to passwords, lots of ideas for the conference! I should also include the assistance from Oleksandr Kholosha and Elisabeth Skibenes for the many practical tasks you carried out before and during the conference. Highly appreciated!

Fourth, A BIG THANK YOU to all the participants at the conference, those (few) of you who dropped by our live stream at, and all others who in various ways participated in making Passwords^11 happen.

Here are some pictures from the conference taken by our very own KluZz, as well as a few pictures from me while showing the city to Dmitry Sklyarov, Andy Malyshev (both with Elcomsoft), as well as Norbert Schmitz, our visiting Master student ("Guessing Passwords!") from Germany.
Just know this; I did ask KluZz to make me look young, smart and sexy, but he failed. ;-)
Now for the cool news: Our little panel discussion (not available as video, sorry) ended up with no belief in getting rid of passwords anytime soon. Based on that, Passwords^XX will most probably happen once every year for the next three or four years here in Bergen.

For those who prefer the US, there is a small chance you will see Passwords^XX happening over there as well, sometime during 2012. Currently starting discussions on that, so we'll see. Watch this blog for more news! :-)

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