Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pwnd. Again. And again.

[My colleague Jørgen, putting up his best smile after a successful PWN of me]
This short notice is to acknowledge the fact that I got Pwnd. Again. I'm experiencing that at a rate of <=2 per year. Not good, but then again; I don't think that's too bad, considering the fact I'm actually inviting people to test me. You can see my previous blog posts "Can you see my password?" and "Pwnd. Again." for more information about previous (successful) attempts, as well as competition rules. :-)

What happened this time was stupid. lame. easy as anything really. I've been using my personal iPad, honoring the latest BYOD frenzy of course, for testing various Activesync policies across different devices. Nerve-wrecking experiment by itself, let me tell you.

So during a conversation with another colleague, Jørgen was listening in. His desk is next to mine actually. I can blame late evenings, lack of coffee and lots of other stuff, but the fact is I happened to say something like "Oh, well, right now I'm just using 1234 as a simple PIN code on my iPad, I'm trying out different options in Activesync to see how the iPad actually interprets all the different options available in Activesync."

Bad idea. Stupid. Head-against-hard-wood bad idea really. Especially since I didn't realize right then and there what I just did, and then left my desk leaving my iPad to get myself a coffee.

(...and I'm not going to pull the "I've got nothing to hide" (PDF) trick either. Love the full title of that paper btw.)

Luckily, Jørgen chose to abide by the rules; don't destroy, manipulate or eavesdrop into things you shouldn't do. A good rule really for such a competition. I *will* admit getting pwnd as long as you can prove to me - and tell me - how you did it. Having Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more on my iPad could have made things pretty embarrassing for me. :-)

So congratulations to Jørgen, you can expect payback soon. That's the fun part of the rules of this competition. MOAHAHAHAHAHA!

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