Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Passwords^12 : Call for Presentations

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For the third year running, I am happy to once again announce a Call for Presentations for Passwords^12.

Passwords^12 will be held at the University of Oslo (Norway) on December 3-5, 2012. The 2-day conference will be free and open for anyone to attend. Please do note that our primary audience will be academics and security professionals with deep technical knowledge. This is a conference with international speakers and participants, presenting fresh ideas and innovative research in an area that affects us all.

== DATES ==
April 10 - Public CFP
August 30 - Public CFP submission ends
August 31 - Notification to speakers
Registration opens at - TBA

This is the third time we do this conference. The last 2 were held at the University of Bergen (Norway). This year the conference will be held at the Department of informatics, University of Oslo. Previously we did 2 full days, but this time we'll aim for 3 full days (1 track) of presentations!

The conference is organized with valuable help and support from:
Professor Audun Jøsang (www.mn.uio.no/ifi/english/people/aca/josang/)

Financially supported by the Norwegian Forum for Research and Innovation in Security and Communications (FRISC - www.frisc.no) - headed by Professor Stig Frode Mjølsnes, NTNU (www.item.ntnu.no/~sfm/)

I would also like to give special thank you to Professor Tor Helleseth, University of Bergen, for suggesting and supporting the first 2 conferences.

We are looking for presentations on PASSWORDS and PIN codes. We may consider lightning talks (<= 15 minutes), but prefer presentations at 1-2 hours in length (1 hour = 45-50 minutes). 

We do not require new and unpublished content, as long as presentations fit into our overall program and theme of the conference.

Presentations can be aimed at areas such as:

  • Improving password security (policies, implementations, algorithms, rate limiting etc)
  • Attacking passwords (online/offline cracking, circumvention, forensics, distributed attacks, CPU/GPU coding, ruleset generation & optimization etc)
  • Usability aspects (password change, mobility issues, password resets, multi-enterprise and large-scale deployments, password recovery solutions etc)

Send your suggestions to per@thorsheim.net. Submissions will be reviewed primarily by Per Thorsheim (that's me) and Professor Audun Jøsang (UiO). 

Submissions MUST include the following information:
  1. Speakers name
  2. Short bio, preferably link to some online profile/website 
  3. Title and short idea/abstract of your presentation 
  4. YES/no : you will allow us to make a video recording of your presentation, and publish it online for free after the conference

All papers and presentations must be in English.

This is a free, non-commercial and "deep knowledge" conference. We do not want company & product marketing beyond an initial introduction of yourself and what you do. NO LIMITS to technical depth - expect well educated and highly experienced security professionals in the audience.

Submit your idea early, longer abstracts and papers can be submitted later in the process. 

We will make arrangements for an official conference hotel, preferably with a discount code available. We will also try to help those who would like to go sightseeing before or after the conference. We'll try to organize dinner at a reasonable restaurant on our first evening. We will of course help you out with any other questions or interests you may have. 

We MAY be able to offer some travel reimbursements for speakers representing themselves or non-profit organizations. If you seek such assistance, please include information about where you are, so we can look up reasonable flights and accommodation costs. 

Archives from our previous Passwords^11 and Passwords^10 conferences are also available.

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