Sunday, December 30, 2012

Passwords^12 - in summary

Yeah, I'm happy with that. :-)
Passwords^12 turned out to be an amazing event - although I'm not really neutral saying so.

Sorry for taking so long to come up with a few words after the conference. First there was the biochem warfare attack from you-know-his-name, then the total exhaustion after the conference, including video editing & uploading to Youtube & our media archive. I've been sleeping a lot during the past 2 weeks. :-)

Yeah, happy with this one as well. :-D
Without any doubt at all, Jeremi Gosney & Jens Steube became our superheroes from the conference. Jeremi got a ton of press coverage on his 25-gpu cluster for cracking passwords, while Jens got his share on exploiting a weakness in SHA1. Congratulations guys! (And I belive you'll forgive me for 'forcing' you into coming to the conference and doing your presentations.... ;-))

Anyway I'm still enjoying a little bit of time off from passwords - made a promise to my wife - but in a few days I'll be back again. :-)

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