Friday, January 18, 2013

Tees. With comments.

It's Friday, and I'm kind lazy today, so I thought I would put up pictures of the T-shirts I made for myself for Passwords^12, and a short explanation for each of them. (Media archives right here, videos also available on youtube).

"I know your password" is old, but still fun of course. If you want to make people a little more curious, you should of course go for the above: "I know your next password". I've done many presentations where I tell the audience that I know their next password, and as soon somebody starts smiling or laughing, I'll just say "It's your current password plus one, isn't it?`". For the experts you can always add some additional geek talk, including statistics and Markov models of course.

We keep on telling people to use unique passwords at every site. That doesn't have to be entirely true (I love finding exceptions to rules), and in a paper I co-authored in 2012 (PDF) we argued that reusing passwords within same risk classes doesn't have to be all that stupid. My point with this t-shirt though was to poke fun at the 'uniqueness' of your password or -phrase. Chances are high it may already exist in a wordlist, residing on a disk operated by somebody who just might benefit from illegal access to your account. So I just wanted to say that this passphrase is mine, please do not use it anywhere for your own purposes. :-)

If you do not understand what I'm poking fun at here, you have never ever read a password policy in your life.

Comments welcome. Texts are for free, copy and use as you wish.

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