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CFP: Passwords^13 (PasswordsCon), Bergen, Dec 2-3

December 2-3, 2013
Bergen, Norway


Per Thorsheim, with the support of FRISC (, the University
of Bergen and Stricture Consulting Group, organize PasswordsCon,
the fifth edition of a technical conference only devoted to passwords
and related authentication methods.

Passwords are the most common authentication method on internet services
and on computers in general, regardless of their form factor (desktop,
laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).  Dissatisfaction with the robustness
and usability of current approaches has motivated the previous editions
of the Passwords conference, and more recently prompted the organization
of the Password Hashing Competition.

The purpose of PasswordsCon is to gather leading researchers in
passwords security and authentication methods in general, so as to best
understand the challenges posed and to address them adequately.

Details on the conference as they are ready will appear at our website:

== TOPICS ==

PasswordsCon asks for submissions on topics including, but not limited to:

- Password hashing functions
  * New algorithms & constructions
  * Cryptanalytic attacks on classical security notions
  * Hardness circumvention attacks
  * Formal definitions and proofs
  * Implementation on users' platforms
  * APIs

- Attacking password hashes
  * CPU/GPU coding
  * Online/offline password guessing and cracking
  * Distributed attacks
  * Ruleset generation & optimization
  * Hardware implementation (ASIC, FPGA)
  * Password profiling of people (patterns, habits)

- Passwords security and usability
  * Empirical studies
  * Strength metrics
  * Mobility issues
  * Policies
  * Password management software


To submit to PasswordsCon, fill the submission form below,
and email it to

Submissions mainly consist of a description of the presentation
proposal and of information on the speaker.  We do NOT require the
submission of a formal original paper.

== DATES ==

October 2    - Public CFP
October 30   - Submission deadline
November 1   - Notification to speakers
December 2-3 - PasswordsCon conference


Submissions with be evaluated by a panel of experts including

- Per Thorsheim (chair)
- Jean-Philippe Aumasson
- Jeremi Gosney


Submission form

December 2-3, 2013
Bergen, Norway


Please fill out this form completely and email to

If you wish to submit several presentations, please fill different forms
for different submissions.


- Name or handle:                   
- Primary email:          
- Primary mobile number:  

If you are accepted we can publish your social media information on
the speaker page. If you want your information made public so that
attendees can contact you or follow your work, please list it here.

- URL:                       
- Twitter handle:                 
- Facebook page:                  
- IRC nickname & network:         

- Bio (Professional history, achievements, bragging points. Let people
  know who you are, and why you're qualified to speak on this topic.):


- Title:  

- Abstract (max 200 chars):

- Details (max 1000 chars):

- Is there a demonstration? (Y/N)         

- Are you releasing a new tool? (Y/N)     

- How much time does your presentation require? (15, 30, or 60 minutes)

- Has this presentation been given in any other venue or conference?
  (Y/N) Y (no yet, in a week, private conference)

- We will provide one LCD projector, a microphone, and an internet
  connection.  Will your presentation require any additional equipment?
  (Y/N, explain.)

- Any special requests for your presentation?


By submitting you agree to the Terms and Conditions below. Please read
and accept these terms by inserting your name in the appropriate area,
otherwise your application will be considered incomplete and returned to

1) I warrant that the above work has not been previously published
elsewhere, or if it has, that I have obtained permission for its
publication, and that I will promptly supply the PasswordsCon committee
with wording for crediting the original publication and copyright owner.

2) If I am selected for presentation, I hereby give PasswordsCon
permission to duplicate, record and redistribute this presentation;
including, but not limited to, the conference proceedings, video, audio,
hand outs(s) to the conference attendees for educational, on-line and
all other purposes.

3) I will include a detailed bibliography as either a separate document
or included within the presentation of all resources cited and/or used
in my presentation.

4) I will complete my presentation within the time allocated to me - not
running over the time allocation.

5) I understand that PasswordsCon will provide 1 LCD projector feed, 1
microphone, and internet connectivity. I understand that I am
responsible for providing all other necessary equipment, including
laptops (with VGA output), to complete my presentation.

6) I understand that I will be responsible for my own hotel and travel

I, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, have read the Term and Conditions and agree to the
terms as detailed.


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