Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pwnd. Again.

In October 2010 I wrote the blog post Can You See My Password? I wrote that as a result of a near-successful "hack" against me, and as part of a little "competition" I'm running with friends and colleagues. Unfortunately I have to write another post, this time stating the embarrassing fact: I GOT PWND. (again).

You really should read the older blog post first, to get the rules for this little competition. Basically it is about "hacking" each other in a way not done before, in order to uphold and increase security awareness. Quite simple really.

Anyway; I went out with some good friends (...) for dinner and a beer. We eat, drink and talk about security topics of common interest. We even have a couple of projects we're working on - lets call it research for now. I brought my HTC Desire as well as my iPad. Err... make that the iPad I bought for my wife, our daughter and myself for christmas. Quite handy for doing quick notes, looking up stuff on the Internet and so on.

Flash forward to leaving the restaurant, going to a pub. I put my phone and iPad on the table, and went to the bar to get something to drink. Several friends stayed at the table, so leaving my stuff there shouldn't be risky, right? (you have probably figured out where this is going already?)

If you do this kind of competition, you are never safe. You do not have any friends. You cannot trust anyone. 

So back at the table. Pick up the iPad. Slide left-to-right. Enter PIN code. WT...? several friends around the table - smiling. Pwnd. Again.

So here's my confession, with congratulations to my ... well... and Anonymous is taken... hm.... *friends*. You know who you are. Revenge will be sweet.

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